Villa Georgia

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Room Description

The villa is the “flagship” of our complex offering 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a central kitchen and is able to accommodate up to 4 couples or alternatively 3 families with one child each. It is mounted in the surroundings of the Complex of Villas so as to have access to a view which is overall the trademark of Villas Panorama. The internal layout of the Villa is such that it allows the occupants to have their privacy but simultaneously enjoy all along the comforts of the house, and the most important of all the swimming pool. It can even be combined with the Mill located next to the Villa in case of a larger group of travelers.

€200-430per night

Room Facilities

* Housekeeping: Daily a maid Paves the beds, replaces and supersedes trash baskets bath products. Every three days replacing towels and beds-blankets.