Terms and Conditions

Special conditions
• To make a reservation a payment of 20% of the value of your stay is needed.
• Time of arrival (Check-in): 14:00. Departure time (Check-out): 12:00
• The visitor even if books the villa by phone must send an email stating clearly the dates of arrival and departure from the accommodation and the price of the stay.
• The Villas Panorama reserves the right to change the published prices on the internet at any time without prior notice.
• All rates for villas and include taxes, charges for all services and there is no extra charge.
Cancellations and changes to bookings
If the visitor wishes to cancel the booking is obliged to know the following sanctions:
• If the customer does not visit the Villas Panorama arrival he has said the fee is 100% of Advances
• Cancellation 0 – 15 days before date of arrival: retain 100% of the given deposit.
• Cancellation 16 to 30 days before date of arrival at the hotel: a 50% deposit of the answer.
• Cancellation more than 31 days before arrival: Return the entire amount of advance given.
Extension of vacation
• If the visitor wishes to extend the length of stay, the Villas Panorama cannot guarantee that the visitor will stay in the same villa.
• If the tenant wishes to extend his holiday, Villas Panorama is not responsible if there is no availability for the extra time.
If the tenant wishes to reduce the length of stay, there will be no refund of the Villas Panorama after his arrival. Otherwise, you should promptly contact the person in charge of Villas Panorama.